1. More openly creative than blatantly narcissistic
    Exceedingly rare in the world of social media.
  2. I can type a lot
    As in there aren't overly restrictive character limits forcing/justifying illiterate posts.
  3. I tend to think in lists, so validation is nice
    My therapist would approve. Bonus!
  4. The crowd here is impressively (intimidatingly) literate, funny, and clever
    And good looking. Did I mention that? Give yourselves a hand.
  5. @bjnovak seems like a decent guy so I'm down with supporting this
    Am I right, @mindy? Let's make this happen.
  6. Feels less weird/sad than other platforms to engage with or just name-drop the more famous denizens
    Am I right, @mindy? Let's make this happen.
  7. It's not inherently sad like some other social media platforms
    Looking at you Foursquare.
  8. No Kardashians, Kanye or Kutcher
    So shhhh, everyone. Or maybe they are on here and I just have run into them yet. Either way, I'm enjoying the quiet.
  9. I found it early enough that it still has a small, community feel
    That's rare and delightful.