Breaking Bad. Check. Game of Thrones, Orphan Black. Never miss 'em. Veep. You bet'cha. Marvel's Daredevil. Working through it now. See, I'm not completely out of touch with our current Platinum Age of TV. But there's just. Too. Much. (Cue Andy Samberg). And I have to make choices. Here are the ones that I'll get to. Eventually. Maybe.
  1. Mad Men
    This is the most glaring one. I do creative work in advertising, after all. So of course I should have already devoured every minute of Don Draper's existential existence. I did watch the first episode last year, I just wasn't ready to commit. It's not you, Don, it's me. I'll be back soon.
  2. The Walking Dead
    This one gives me a little pause because as an outsider it appears there's a cycle of: "I love this show, it's the greatest ever." "This show sucks, it's so boring." "Oh my God, it just got amazing again. I can't wait for next season." Rinse, repeat, each season. I'll binge it at some point once it's finished it's run.
  3. Sons of Anarchy
    I'm really trying to talk myself into wanting to watch this one. I'm not sure what it is that makes me feel really unmotivated to dive in. It's not the biker theme or the violence or anything else specific. For some reason it just feels like it will be a slog.
  4. Fargo/Bates Motel
    I'm lumping these together because they share some parallels in my mind. They both sounded like bad ideas that would be DOA. They both sounded intriguing when I started seeing reviews and hearing word of mouth. I'm still unsure as to which channel they air on other than not Broadcast, not HBO/Showtime. I wanted to see if they would both make it to a second season and they did and then I still didn't watch the 1st season like I planned before the 2nd started, so now I'll just wait and binge.
  5. The Americans
    I do like me some Felicity.
  6. Homeland
    Ditto The Walking Dead entry.
  7. Rescue Me
    An older entry, but still on my list from way back. I resisted this one initially because I REALLY liked Denis Leary's network show The Job which was unjustly cancelled. It seemed like he just said, "Screw it. I'll make them firefighters and move to cable." So it's existence always just reminded me that The Job was not coming back.
  8. Mr. Robot
    To be fair, I didn't even consider this one even when the initial reviews were positive because it contained high amounts of Christian Slater. And it's on USA, for Christ's sake. I didn't know that was still s channel (and according to my research, VH 1 still exists as well!!?) But oh man, has the amount of chatter on this one will likely get me to watch it before Season 2 begins.
  9. Parks and Rec
    Still burned from how bad the first season was. I know it got better and I do plan on watching them all because I LOVE that cast, but seriously even big fans have to admit the first season was a little underwhelming.
  10. The Wire
    I'm not sure why I keep putting this one off, though it might be that more than any of the others, I'm worried that this one won't live up to the hype.