Running has been a huge positive in my life.I started in 1982.I have run 74 marathons and 'lace up' 6 days a week. I want to try and deconstruct why I love running and to share this in the hope that it can be a helpful resource to some folks for achieving inner peace,vitality,limitless energy and lasting happiness.Feel free to add to the list😄
  1. Lifts my regular doses of endorphins and makes one feel good naturally without the aid of chemical substances
  2. Makes me more resourceful and innovative because running gives me the energy to try things out and more significantly,to keep going...'when the going gets tough, the tough go running'
  3. Stops me atrophying mentally,spiritually and physically
  4. Makes me think about time in a different way and stops me obsessing and having angst about getting old and decrepit and no longer being able to compete.(I LOVE to compete!)My personal belief is that almost nothing in life is about age and almost everything in life is about attitude.Which one do you focus on?
  5. Gives me a sense of meaning and purpose-I feel like I am doing something constructive and taking care of myself
  6. Creating a space in which I can be mindful,reflective and have a balanced internal dialogue
  7. To build and sustain my self-belief and my confidence in my ability to achieve goals-running (especially marathons!)as a metaphor on life...
  8. To restore energy and vitality,especially if I have over-indulged on food or alcohol
  9. To get up a good sweat and release all of the toxins from the body whether they be toxic thoughts or toxic substances
  10. To 'think without thinking'...accessing one's inner wisdom,intuition and elusive gold nuggets suspended in the subconscious.It takes effort to reach those places of the inner soul and the rhythm of running clears a path