Every once in a while I want to know about something, a long story that I can't just check Wikipedia for, and I look for a book on it. Here are a few I haven't found. If you know of one please comment.
  1. How the Republican Party evolved to include religion and social issues.
  2. Anti-intellectual: the history of anti-intellectual movements in America
  3. Nothing New: How people stayed in remarkable shape before fad diets and new workouts.
    This would mention Jack LaLane and a bunch of in shape individuals from history.
  4. Extroverts guide to success: how Focus, Study and develop skills when you prefer groups
    I have a hard time with solitary activities.
  5. Hotel Chef: Recipes to make in your hotel when you travel to stay healthy.
  6. Don't Call me Mommy, Don't call me Daddy: Highly accomplished people who did not have children
  7. 11 am - 7 pm: a study of a later workday that is right for day and night people
  8. The positive things Millenials want
    The focus in my experience is on the negative but what about work-life balance and public transportation?
  9. Comedy as a tool for positive change
    The history of comedy as it relates to raising issues and changing attitudes
  10. Science Fiction as political Commentary
    Star Trek, Starship Troopers (the book), Slaughterhouse 5
  11. The positive and negative history of immigrants in America
    Both sides.
  12. Panic!: the causes of every economic Panic, downturn, recession and depression in US history
    Obviously a lot of opinion but still would be cool to know.