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Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe was assigned to write for Ann Coulter on 'The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe.' On David Feldman's podcast (Sept. 3), Hinchcliffe explains what happened:
  1. "I was actually really excited she signed on because A) I knew it would be fun for the rest of the dais to make fun of her; and B) I thought it would be fun, challenging to write for."
  2. Hinchcliffe and writing partner Mike Lawrence's strategy was to "just have her own who she is - be a little self-deprecating from the top, and really kill. ...We wanted her to do good because that would make us look good as writers.
  3. But Coulter wouldn't cooperate: "We sent what I would call a great script in, which I think she would have absolutely killed. ...We got an email [from Coulter saying] that she had rewritten the jokes. She got rid of a lot of the jokes..." She also brought in her own writing team to do the roast material.
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The Bloomberg Politics managing editor recently spoke with Brian Koppelman on "The Moment" podcast. (Listen here: http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/the_moment/2016/07/mark_halperin_on_politics_trump_and_liberal_bias.html ) Some excerpts:
  1. "The people who know me best couldn't tell you what my politics are. The people who don't know me - if they're liberals, think I'm conservative; if they're conservative [they] think I'm liberal."
  2. "I am really idealistic. I'm mocked by my colleagues, and sometimes others, for being so trusting ... I'm very idealistic about people who are in public service and why they're doing it, and until they're led off in handcuffs I just assume they're in it for [doing] good."
  3. "I don't like the way things have gone for our media in general, and I feel at times like one of a few people trying to have things be more traditional the way they should be."
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In 2006, I picked up a Sirius radio, bought 10,000 shares of the company's stock, and started listening to Stern. (I still hold the stock and hope to some day make money on it.) Here are the show personalities I've enjoyed the past decade:
  1. 10. Tim Sabean
    This super-loyal, hard-working co-creator of the Howard Stern Channels was 'rewarded' by being pushed out when the evil Marci Turk was brought in to manage the Stern brand. We'll never forget you, Tim, for the wildly entertaining Shit-gate scandal.
  2. 9. Lisa G.
    The Howard 100 reporter and Howard-worshipper took her job *so* seriously and, I thought, was very good at it. She regularly called serious experts to have them comment on, or shed light on some Stern Show topic of the day. (Her lighter moments, i.e. kissing Ronnie, were fantastic, too.) Lisa's love of Howard equaled Sal's, and I'm guessing she still hasn't recovered from her layoff.
  3. 8. George Takei
    I love George for being so gullible - thinking that Artie Lange was really coming out to him, that Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the phone to debate gay marriage, and that Ricardo Montalban - also on the phone - was really driving around in search of hookers. His no-holds-barred sex stories - followed by his what-will-Brad-say? concerns - are the greatest. George needs to stop by more often.
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I had just graduated from college with a journalism degree, didn't have a job and lived with my parents. I had a lot of time to watch my favorite shows.
  1. 7 p.m. CST - Rhoda
    The mouth on her! So sassy!
  2. 7:30 p.m. - Family Affair
    Jody and Buffy were a bit too scrubbed for me, but nothing else good was in that time slot.
  3. 8:30 - Phyllis
    Love ya, Cloris Leachman. (She turned 90 last month.)
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I grew up sheltered in a village of 1,200 people; moving to Milwaukee and discovering things was huge.
  1. Finding out about the National Lampoon
    I saw the famous "If You Don't Buy This Magazine..." issue, and was hooked.
  2. Checking "Portnoy's Complaint" out of the library
    The librarian from my hometown library knew every patron and probably gossiped about their reading habits. That I could anonymously check out books from a big city library was huge.
  3. Discovering New York magazine
    John Vivian, my News Reporting 101 professor, gave us a handout early in my freshman semester - a long feature from New York magazine. It was a profile of a young radio guy named Don Imus. I've read New York ever since; I've avoided Imus for 43 years now.
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Views from a retiree who gets up about 9 a.m. and watches these shows until about noon or so every weekday.
  1. 1. Late Night with Seth Meyers
    His "A Closer Look" commentaries at the top of the show are brilliant, and probably a bit risky since many viewers (not me) don't want such a heavy dose of politics at that hour. I like that he invites his favorite authors on the show, many of them unknown to most viewers, I suspect.
  2. 2. Conan
    "Fan Corrections," "Clueless Gamer," Andy Richter - just a few of the reasons I love neurotic, jumpy Conan.
  3. 3. Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    A work in progress, for sure, with some bad moves that I suspect came from the new producer, i.e. dragging a Wisconsin woman out of the audience to sit with Stephen to "assist" with a bit. Too many interviews are trimmed in post-production; schedule fewer guests, please. I'm hoping Colbert will find his way and CBS won't constantly tweak the show to try to goose ratings.
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The "Meet the Press" moderator was interviewed by Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer. The podcast was uploaded May 12.
  1. "Donald Trump hacked the process in a way that I think all of us knew could be hacked, but didn't believe it was possible. He hacked the media; he hacked the Republican Party."
  2. "He's taken advantage ... of old media, of being ignored for so long. Here was a guy who was paying attention to old media. I really believe that that's part of cable's obsession with him, particularly the CNN obsession with him. It's 'Oh my god, someone cares about us again!'"
  3. "I can't tell you who is more vitriolic: a Trump supporter on Twitter or a Sanders supporter on Twitter; it's very close. It's unbelievable. People will look up to find out what my religion is - things like that - and it's just like, jeezus."
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