Late Night Talk Shows Ranked

Views from a retiree who gets up about 9 a.m. and watches these shows until about noon or so every weekday.
  1. 1. Late Night with Seth Meyers
    His "A Closer Look" commentaries at the top of the show are brilliant, and probably a bit risky since many viewers (not me) don't want such a heavy dose of politics at that hour. I like that he invites his favorite authors on the show, many of them unknown to most viewers, I suspect.
  2. 2. Conan
    "Fan Corrections," "Clueless Gamer," Andy Richter - just a few of the reasons I love neurotic, jumpy Conan.
  3. 3. Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    A work in progress, for sure, with some bad moves that I suspect came from the new producer, i.e. dragging a Wisconsin woman out of the audience to sit with Stephen to "assist" with a bit. Too many interviews are trimmed in post-production; schedule fewer guests, please. I'm hoping Colbert will find his way and CBS won't constantly tweak the show to try to goose ratings.
  4. 4. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
    He looks like he's having fun, even as critics go after him - for the Comedy Central show and his WHCA dinner performance. I like his roundtable discussions the best. Bad: His "Flat Larry" cardboard cutout running shtick was a ripoff of Howard Stern's "Flat Ronnie" thing. Stay original, Larry.
  5. 5. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
    It should have been "The Daily Show with Samantha Bee," but I still watch Noah with one eye. (The other one is watching my Twitter feed and Nuzzel headlines. This show isn't worth my full attention.)
  6. 6. The Late Late Show with James Corden
    He's no Craig Ferguson, who *was* my favorite late night talker after Letterman. I hated Carpool Karaoke from the start, the only thing that's brought him any attention. I stopped watching the show a long time ago and now only catch YouTube clips if the guest - say, Aaron Paul - appeals to me.
  7. 7. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
    Another show that I'll only watch in small bites on YouTube, if there's a decent guest. I checked out Fran Lebowitz's recent appearance and loved her response to Fallon's inquiry about not wanting to play a game: "I don't play games. I'm an adult." Grow up, Jimmy, and consider rehab.