The "Meet the Press" moderator was interviewed by Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer. The podcast was uploaded May 12.
  1. "Donald Trump hacked the process in a way that I think all of us knew could be hacked, but didn't believe it was possible. He hacked the media; he hacked the Republican Party."
  2. "He's taken advantage ... of old media, of being ignored for so long. Here was a guy who was paying attention to old media. I really believe that that's part of cable's obsession with him, particularly the CNN obsession with him. It's 'Oh my god, someone cares about us again!'"
  3. "I can't tell you who is more vitriolic: a Trump supporter on Twitter or a Sanders supporter on Twitter; it's very close. It's unbelievable. People will look up to find out what my religion is - things like that - and it's just like, jeezus."
  4. "When I started saying no to phoners - I didn't announce we were no-phoners until March, but we were no phones actually going back to January, [and] Trump never blinked. Every time that he wanted to do the show he found a studio. It just turned out too many people said yes, and made it easier" for Trump to phone it in.
  5. "Ted Cruz is somebody that just won't answer a question more so than most. He's so disciplined, to the point of I think it makes him look bad."
  6. "The minute millennials start having kids, I guarantee you their media diets are going to change - by necessity. ...Only chasing the millennial demographic will actually punish you down the road."
  7. "My issue with podcasts is there's too many good ones, and the next great business is going to be, who is going to invent The Hotline for podcasts, because I can't listen to all of the ones I want to listen too every week."
  8. Static