The Story Behind Ann Coulter's Awful Rob Lowe Roast Performance

Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe was assigned to write for Ann Coulter on 'The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe.' On David Feldman's podcast (Sept. 3), Hinchcliffe explains what happened:
  1. "I was actually really excited she signed on because A) I knew it would be fun for the rest of the dais to make fun of her; and B) I thought it would be fun, challenging to write for."
  2. Hinchcliffe and writing partner Mike Lawrence's strategy was to "just have her own who she is - be a little self-deprecating from the top, and really kill. ...We wanted her to do good because that would make us look good as writers.
  3. But Coulter wouldn't cooperate: "We sent what I would call a great script in, which I think she would have absolutely killed. ...We got an email [from Coulter saying] that she had rewritten the jokes. She got rid of a lot of the jokes..." She also brought in her own writing team to do the roast material.
  4. Another problem: "We asked her if she'd seen a Comedy Central Roast, and she said no. She had no idea what was going to happen going into it."
  5. Coulter rejected the suggestion she watch some old Comedy Central roasts. "I told Ann Coulter: Just look up the clip of Martha Stewart [from last year's Justin Bieber roast], and I sent to to her and she refused to watch it."
  6. So Coulter bombed - and hard! "It was a train wreck," says Hinchcliffe. "It was absolutely awesome to watch. Every time someone made fun of her - unlike everyone else on the dais - she didn't laugh. She just had this weird, stuck face. It was like roasting a wax figure of Ann Coulter."
  7. Coulter nearly cried. "I think she thought that maybe the jokes about her would be, Hey, you're a wacky Republican! But it was pretty much: You're a c-word; I want you to die and burn in hell; I want you to kill yourself. There were a few jokes about how she looks like a horse, but it was mostly about hoping and praying she'd die a terrible death."
  8. His view of Coulter now: "She is a monster of a human being - really - absolutely the worst human being I've ever worked with in my entire life."