I had just graduated from college with a journalism degree, didn't have a job and lived with my parents. I had a lot of time to watch my favorite shows.
  1. 7 p.m. CST - Rhoda
    The mouth on her! So sassy!
  2. 7:30 p.m. - Family Affair
    Jody and Buffy were a bit too scrubbed for me, but nothing else good was in that time slot.
  3. 8:30 - Phyllis
    Love ya, Cloris Leachman. (She turned 90 last month.)
  4. 9:00 - The Emmy Awards
    They were hosted by John Denver and Mary Tyler Moore that night.
  5. 10:30 - The Tonight Show
    John Davidson was the substitute host and Charo was the guest, so I probably shut it off.
  6. Midnight - The Tomorrow Show
    I loved Tom Snyder, but I'm guessing I didn't watch beyond his opening remarks because of his guest list that night: Maury Allen, David Israel, Wells Twombly (who?!) and Dick Schaap.