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Feel free to add suggestions!
  1. Scrubs
    You know, this holds up surprisingly well. I love how it has such ridiculous plot lines and zany humour, and then occasionally delivers a gut punch of emotion and heartbreak that you can't help but sob.
  2. Charmed
    This does not hold up well. This is total nonsense. But it's incredibly enjoyable nonsense and it was fun to binge the whole series.
  3. The Office US
    This show started my love affair with BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling, and so I will be forever grateful to it. Also, it's just generally brilliant and you should watch it.
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I mentioned in my last list that it's been a Bad Brain Week. It's something that has been building for months and came to a head about two weeks ago. I'm feeling calmer now, if not happy or even ok, and these are some of the things I did
  1. Went quiet on social media
    Apart from Li.st, which I'm not as active on as I am on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook and which I'm counting as therapeutic. I've pulled back massively, not posted anything in several days which is unheard of for me. I still read occasionally to keep up with my friends, but if I feel myself getting sucked in I make myself put my phone down and do something else
  2. Was out of the house as much as possible
    Whether that's walking, wandering round the areas near my home, going for a coffee...anything where I'm distracted and can't obsess
  3. Made things
    I wrote ten pages of a novel. I picked up a colouring book. I cooked. I made up recipes to try. I started a journal and drew and created in it. I edited a video I had footage for. I was just a little bit creative, enough to soothe me
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This week has seen a dramatic and faintly alarming decline in my mental health. As well as feeling utterly miserable and full of self-loathing I am panicking about EVERYTHING. Here's a list of what's worrying me at this very moment
  1. That our floors will fall in
  2. That all of our kitchen cabinets will fall off the walls
  3. That the bed will break
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A timely list because I am away and have forgotten all these things
  1. Ear buds/Q-Tips
    Whenever I shower I get a lot of water in my ears and need to dry the inside of my ears with Q-Tips. When I go away I never bring them and bloody HELL it's uncomfortable
  2. My bags for life
    So that's 5p in every shop for everything I buy. Aces.
  3. Face moisturiser
    I don't use any in the day because my amazing BB cream does it for me, but I do need it after washing my face at night or my skin feels tight and I ALWAYS forget
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Inspired by @spicymeatball, and a whole bunch of other people I've seen do this
  1. I am...Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec
    But, like, the bad bits. This isn't me blowing my own trumpet, this is me recognising how annoying I can be. Like Leslie I care about things way too much, I am constantly working on new projects, I am interfering and can be overbearing, I stick to my opinions like superglue to a finger, I'm overly affectionate and effusive to people I love and I am relentlessly positive, except for when I'm not and then I'm a wreck. And I really, really like food that's bad for me and nerdy men.
  2. I want to be...Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project
    That self-belief! That capability at her job! That sharpness! That sense of humour! That wardrobe! That hair and make-up! All of it. I want all of it.
  3. I'll probably be...Lily Aldrin
    Bunch of kids, goofy husband I love, good career, still a bit of a clumsy mess - yup. That's my future, I hope.
I love @mindy. She is my idol. I want to work as hard as her, create as many brilliant things as she does, take as little shit as she does, just generally kick ass and take names like she does. Here are some of my favourite photos of her.
  1. A classic. Just Mindy, being gorgeous and fabulous
  2. No lie, one of the main reasons I cut my hair as short as it is was because of this photo
  3. "Oh no, you caught me on this very important phone call where I am ordering people on my show around/learning about an incredible new film role/having phone sex with someone devastatingly handsome"
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You can have these for free. Add your own!
  1. Sorry, my boyfriend/girlfriend/father/sister/cat/teddy bear is ill and I need to look after them
  2. I'm having the period from hell
    Works less well if you don't have a uterus, admittedly
  3. I've got tummy problems
    NO ONE asks for details, so if you're relaxed enough to let people think you've got the shits then go right ahead
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  1. I love animals
  2. I'm good with animals
  3. It's a step towards being a responsible adult human
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It's my birthday in less than a month. Every year I'm tempted to say "Don't bother with gifts, donate to a charity instead" because I hate the fact people never really know what to get me and end up wasting their money. But I don't, because I'm spoilt and like presents and hope I'll get something like this
  1. Really nice skincare
    The luxury stuff I wouldn't buy for myself. Alpha-H Liquid Gold. An Aesop oil. Something I've never even heard of. Knock yourself out.
  2. Really nice makeup
    Same as the above. The beautiful red Peggy Carter lipstick. A Clinque make-up set. An eyeshadow palette you think would suit me. Anything.
  3. Books
    I can't remember the last time I got a book as a gift. Not a novelty book or an anthology of facts about superheroes/video games, but a £7.99 fiction paperback from Waterstones that you picked up and thought I might like. Even better, some beautiful old second hand books that I've never even heard of but you think are great. Books make great gifts, people.
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  1. Spy
    I'm very unremarkable, physically, so no-one would pay ANY attention to me and I could learn all sorts of secrets.
  2. Writer
    My writer friends seem to watch a lot of daytime TV and not get changed out of their PJs. I can do that
  3. TV chef
    I will learn to suck things seductively off my fingertips and pose for photos in magazines and newspapers where I'm drizzled in chocolate or something. It'll be fine.
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