It's Sunday. Let's talk roast dinners. Roast dinners out should involve beef or lamb and things like braised red cabbage, but this is the perfect balance of effort and taste for cooking at home
  1. Simple roast chicken
    Get a chicken. Stick a lemon in its bum. Rub with butter or a little oil. Season with salt and pepper. Nestle in a bed of carrot and onion in a roasting tray. Roast upside down for an hour then turn up the heat and turn the right way up to crisp the skin
  2. Roast potatoes
    Obviously. Boil for 15 mins, add salt, boil until so soft you worry they'll be slop. Drain, steam dry. Cook in the same pan as the chicken to soak up the juices and minimise washing up. If you want mash too just save half your potatoes in the pan and mash with butter, salt and pepper and Quark (soft cheese) later
  3. Green beans
    Steamed, not boiled
  4. Garden peas
    Steamed from frozen, piping hot but still hard enough that they burst when you bite into them
  5. Roasted carrots and/or red onion wedges
    If you have a roasting tray big enough, do this with the chicken. Otherwise these just need spraying with oil and roasting
  6. Thick gravy
    There's almost nothing worse than weak gravy. Make it from instant, fine, but make it thick, and add a generous amount of good red wine if you have it