Favourite Photos of Mindy Kaling

I love @mindy. She is my idol. I want to work as hard as her, create as many brilliant things as she does, take as little shit as she does, just generally kick ass and take names like she does. Here are some of my favourite photos of her.
  1. A classic. Just Mindy, being gorgeous and fabulous
  2. No lie, one of the main reasons I cut my hair as short as it is was because of this photo
  3. "Oh no, you caught me on this very important phone call where I am ordering people on my show around/learning about an incredible new film role/having phone sex with someone devastatingly handsome"
  4. Damn List App for cropping this. The full length is a GLORY to behold
  5. Wears a beautiful dress, pulls a dorky expression, still pulls it off
  6. I love how Mindy, who looks glamorous and perfect 99% of the time, will post shots like this on Instagram. It makes her usual stylish amazingness seem achievable for us mere mortals. And it's interesting to see behind the scenes stuff from The Mindy Project
  7. This is Mindy giving a look that could seduce a man at 500 paces and could also kill him afterwards. She's basically a human Black Widow here
  8. It's Mindy. Dressed like Marge Simpson. That's really all I need to say
  9. Ugggghhhhh she is so beautiful, I can't even
  10. Like a 1900's nanny who'd spend the day playing strict but fun games with the kids, put them to bed and then do filthy things with the mistress of the house.
  11. This whole episode of The Mindy Project - she is MESMERISING
  12. Just because no one looks at each other like these guys look at each other
  14. Ugh, I'd hate them if they weren't both so brilliant
  15. Ok, let's focus back on just Mindy. This is just a normal portrait, except it's MINDY so it's still 👌
  16. 🔥🔥🔥
  17. This dress is one of the best ones Mindy has ever worn, and she also is very happy and relaxed (and possibly drunk) here
  18. There never ever ever was a cuter child
  19. Literal angel
  20. Mindy and Ellie are two of the funniest women on TV, and I love that they are friends. Subtle Sexuality makes me laugh even when I feel like shit
  21. ❤️
  22. I will 100% add more when I find them
  23. Okay,am already adding more. LOOK AT THIS VISION OF GORGEOUSNESS
  24. How can one person be so fricking cute? How?
  25. omg be more stunning Mindy, seriously