My Favourite London Restaurants

I like to eat. A lot of the time I cook, but I like eating out too. I'm lucky to live in a place where there are lots of places I can eat. I don't have a huge amount of money, so these aren't particularly expensive but they are delicious
  1. Wahaca
    This is the place that made me want to move to London. Mexican food by Thomasina Miers, who was on Masterchef a few years ago. You can have large meals on your own but it's best when you all order a few small plates and share. The fish tacos are incredible. It's become a chain now, with restaurants all over London and a few in other parts of the country, but it's still so delicious that I come here all the time.
  2. Polpo
    Another small plates restaurant. It's Venetian, as in from Venice, and it's where I take people when I want to seem cool and sophisticated but also super chill. Or where I take my friends when I want to eat myself into a coma. I recommend the beef and pork meatballs, the cod cheeks, and the spinach, egg and Parmesan pizzette
  3. Bellanger
    New entry to my favourites - and the inspiration for this list - this is an Alsatian restaurant in Angel Islington. That's from Alsace, not the dog. It's a gorgeous mix of French and German. Tartes flambé (thin pizza), sausage, beautiful mashed potato with pools of butter, spicy lentils, salty chips, Crêpe Suzette, chocolate ice cream with bitter chocolate sauce and chocolate curls...immense.
  4. Tom's Kitchen
    My favourite is the one in St Katherine's Docks, and specifically for breakfast/brunch. Beautiful poached eggs on toast, and the most wonderful brioche French toast with caramelised apples and cinnamon.
  5. Riding House Cafe
    Another one I love for breakfast, although I've had Thanksgiving dinner here and it was also lovely. It's beautiful inside, and the perfect place to spend a few hours chatting with friends. Their hot chocolate is 👌 This photo is of the chorizo hash brown
  6. Burger and Lobster
    Flat price of £25 for meal, and for that you can get either a burger or a lobster or a lobster roll. Don't get the burger. Get the lobster roll. It's AMAZING. Beautiful soft sweet roll, tender lobster, and garlic butter. So much garlic butter.
  7. Franco Manca
    Sourdough pizza. The best in London. It's no wonder this place exploded into a chain as it did. They don't sell Coke, which is annoying for someone who doesn't drink alcohol (me) but I'd come here every week if I could.
  8. Max's Sandwich Shop
    This is a teeny tiny independent sandwich shop in Finsbury Park, run by someone who REALLY knows food. Oh, it's so divine. The ham egg and chips is my favourite, but really anything you get from this place is delicious. Especially the slutty potatoes - roast potatoes with gravy and sour cream and spring onions and wrssgglleeee so good.
  9. Dishoom
    I'm lucky to work near a Dishoom so I can get there as soon as they're open, because otherwise you end up queuing for HOURS. And people do queue, because it's worth it. Small plates, Bombay cafe style. The more people that go the cheaper it is. Get the gunpowder potatoes and the house black daal, or a bacon and egg naan for breakfast. Always get a chocolate chai.
  10. Honest Burger
    Best burgers in London. The rosemary fries are immense.
  11. Caravan
    Whenever we come here we have to get a savoury plate each and then share the lemon curd and strawberries for dessert. We once sat next to Jamie Oliver when we were eating here. This is the place my now husband took me before he proposed. It's child friendly and does very good coffee. All round good place to eat.
  12. DF/Mexico
    Another Mexican. I love Mexican food. This one is in Shoreditch, just off Brick Lane. The burritos are utterly wonderful, but I love the chilli fries and the vegetarian tacos. They also have bottomless drinks, including hibiscus fruit drinks. DF/Mexico is bright and cheery and makes me happy.