You can have these for free. Add your own!
  1. Sorry, my boyfriend/girlfriend/father/sister/cat/teddy bear is ill and I need to look after them
  2. I'm having the period from hell
    Works less well if you don't have a uterus, admittedly
  3. I've got tummy problems
    NO ONE asks for details, so if you're relaxed enough to let people think you've got the shits then go right ahead
  4. I've got to prepare for an unexpected meeting/job interview
    Only the worst people will try and persuade you to do something that'll harm your future, and who gives a fuck about how they feel about you?
  5. I've got an unexpected date with the person of my dreams
    See above
  6. I haven't had sex in like a week and my partner is home tonight, so...
    Again, you have to be cool with people thinking about you having your first orgasm in a week, but if you are it is hard to argue with this
  7. Family stuff. Sorry. No, it's ok, it's fine, but thank you.
    Be prepared to lie for a WHILE on this one, as they will check up on you
  8. My friend is having an emotional crisis and I need to look after them
    Gets you out of doing the thing AND makes you seem like an A+ person
  9. I just don't want to
    Only for the truly brave