Things I always forget to pack when I go away

A timely list because I am away and have forgotten all these things
  1. Ear buds/Q-Tips
    Whenever I shower I get a lot of water in my ears and need to dry the inside of my ears with Q-Tips. When I go away I never bring them and bloody HELL it's uncomfortable
  2. My bags for life
    So that's 5p in every shop for everything I buy. Aces.
  3. Face moisturiser
    I don't use any in the day because my amazing BB cream does it for me, but I do need it after washing my face at night or my skin feels tight and I ALWAYS forget
  4. Body moisturiser
    Again, I get tight-feeling hands and feet after bathing. Could really use some moisturiser on them right about now
  5. Tampons
    Going on holiday ALWAYS makes me start my period early and I ALWAYS forget to bring these
  6. Shower gel/bubble bath
    The amount of half-used bottles of shower gel I've had to put in my suitcase and hope don't explode on me...
  7. Some vital item of clothing
    This time it was my running shoes. I have ALL my workout gear except for them