If you can help with any of these, please let me know
  1. A good haircut
    Look at this mess
  2. A good hairdresser
    To help with the above
  3. A microwaveable lunchbox that won't leak
    I love bringing lunches to work with me. I hate getting soup on my purse
  4. To figure out how to set up my cameras so they I don't get weird flickering lights when I film in my kitchen, which had a fluorescent bulb
    It'd make making cooking tutorials on YouTube MUCH easier
  5. Good new jeans
    I have one pair, from Uniqlo. They're too long
  6. New tights
    All either too big, too small, or have holes
  7. New bras
    I have two bras I actually like and I've had them both longer than I'm comfortable admitting on the internet
  8. A new purse
    A pen exploded and dyed mine pink
  9. Motivation
    Mine has gone. Totally gone.
  10. A new career
    Or, at least, to remember why I loved my current one so much
  11. Some kind of animal
    Preferably a dog, but I'd take a cat
  12. The lifestyle to support having some kind of animal
    Really need this one before I get the one above
  13. Someone to tell me WTF to do with my eyebrows
    I know big is in, but I spent the first 20 years of my life being told mine were TOO big, so now I'm confused
  14. An exercise I enjoy and will stick to
    Running sucks, yoga is dull, no type of exercise does anything for me. Help?
  15. A mocha frappuchino
    I'm just really craving one