TV shows to watch and love on Netflix

Feel free to add suggestions!
  1. Scrubs
    You know, this holds up surprisingly well. I love how it has such ridiculous plot lines and zany humour, and then occasionally delivers a gut punch of emotion and heartbreak that you can't help but sob.
  2. Charmed
    This does not hold up well. This is total nonsense. But it's incredibly enjoyable nonsense and it was fun to binge the whole series.
  3. The Office US
    This show started my love affair with BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling, and so I will be forever grateful to it. Also, it's just generally brilliant and you should watch it.
  4. Pokemon
    Shut up. I loved it as a kid and I loved watching it as a grown up.
  5. iZombie
    A recommendation from @jamiedrew that is now possibly my favourite show ever. I finished watching the first series last night and it has BROKEN me. It started as enjoyable nonsense and gets darker and more serious as it goes on, without losing its sense of humour. I want everyone to watch it.
  6. Once Upon A Time
    I raced through the first three series of this and LOVED it. It gets really really bad after that, but you know, enjoy the first three series.
  7. The Big Bang Theory
    There's so much to get angry about with this show, but it's also SO much fun
  8. Jane the Virgin
    Only just started watching this but it is UTTERLY charming. It's self-aware and ridiculous and I think it's great. It's told in the style of a telenovela and is full of so many beautiful people that I'm not sure how my eyes cope with it