Whatsapp Groups I Am in and How They Got Their Name

  1. Cups and cakes
    I was at dinner with two of my least prudish friends. We started talking about disgusting cakes - looking, not tasting. We then found a tampon removal cake covered in jam, and I told a story I'd seen online about a woman who'd accidentally left a mooncup in for three weeks. Thus cups and cakes. The icon is a yellow Post-It with "You can do it!" scrawled on it.
  2. Best girls
    Two of my friends and I somehow decided that we are the best girls. Upon reviewing this list I find it unlikely that I am the best anything. The icon is a photo of us all.
  3. Secret squirrels
    Some of my friends and I started a secret book club, which is the most boring/innocent type of secret club. One of us mentioned being secret squirrels. The icon is a squirrel wearing glasses and reading a book.
  4. Ashley's bridesmaids
    One of my friends got married and made a group for her bridesmaids. The icon is a photo of her peeping adorable over the top of a bridal magazine
  5. London bridesmaids
    Same friend, same wedding, but this was only for logistics talk with the ones living in London. The icon is a sleepy cat.
  6. Books and sausages
    I asked two of my friends if they wanted to go to an event where there'd be sausages and discount books. Astonishingly, we didn't go. Who doesn't go to an event with sausages and books? But we kept the name. The icon is a notebook with a sausage on it and "Jokes about German sausages are the wurst." written underneath.
  7. Jones family chat
    A group consisting of me and my parents. We are called Jones and we're a family, so.... We mostly use it to share cute photos of my parents' dogs and bitch about my evil grandmother. The icon is a photo of my parents dancing at their 25th wedding anniversary. D'awww.
  8. Hamlet
    I went to see Benedict Cunberbatch in Hamlet with my husband and my friend. This is the group we made to organise when we'd meet and where we'd eat. The icon is a taxidermy mouse holding a teeny tiny skull wearing a ruff and a hat with a feather.
  9. Amy and Garry get moving
    This is the group we made for our friends and family when we moved flat. I left it in a flood of embarrassment after sending a soppy text meant only for my parents to the whole group. The icon is a photo of our new flat.
  10. It's like Google, but...
    My friend Dougie's name is pronounced doo-gee rather than dug-gee. We were discussing how people never get this right and he launched into a hilarious, five minute rant/explanation about it. The icon is Dougie looking into the distance with "Doogle" in word art written over it several times.