1. This movie is supposed to be roughly 1 year after 1st KK movie, but in reality it was about 5 years after the first. Machio is noticeably older…and pudgy.
  2. Daniel punches Mike dead in the face twice. Mike (unfazed) just tells him not to do that again. Mike may be a tournament terror, but he's patient and polite.
  3. 3 words: TERRY. FUCKING. SILVER.
  4. By naming the bad guy's company “Dynatox Industries”, the writers subtly give you a clue that he is indeed the bad guy.
  5. Terry Silver is the baddest of the bad, but still likes to pamper himself with a bubble bath. I mean, who doesn't, right?
  6. Machio seems manic. Like, up one minute and down the next. He's all over the place in this *sniff sniff*
  7. Terry Silver wears a silk karate gi when he spars. He also wears a fucking ascot to the All Valley Karate Tournament 'cause he's a straight up pimp, yo.
  8. Worst comeback in history: "Yes, he will. You wont!"
  9. So...this millionaire CEO decides to dedicate his life to screwing with a teenager and an old man, and his staff is totally down for this? They all go along with this, as if it isn't weird. None of his servants were like "Um, dude..."
  10. Terry Silver's can rock the shit out of a yellow turtleneck/leather jacket combo...while driving a Rolls Royce.
  11. Mike Barnes and his gang are prepared to straight up murder Daniel (rope at Devil's Cauldron) and rape Jessica (“or what we do to her”)…over a karate tournament.
  12. Machio stinks at karate, even after 3 movies. Was this an acting choice??
  13. Mike Barnes' parents just let their son go to LA to become a thug for an older millionaire CEO? WTF?
  14. John Kreese blames Daniel and Mr. Miagi for his dojo closure…not the fact that he nearly choked one of his students to death in front of the town.
  15. I want to be known as Karate’s Bad Boy.