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Even if I am the only one who thinks so...
  1. I will always be me
    I don't let anyone else sway me or change who I am by their actions. You can call me old, fat and stupid, you can put me down to make yourself feel better but nothing you can do will affect how I feel. I am responsible for my feelings and I choose to be me no matter how unpopular that might be
  2. I let music take me away
    I love music that can really touch my emotions. I'm proud of the music I listen to. I love to write my own songs and words as well even if no one else will ever hear them, I hear them and that's what matters
  3. I don't need other people in my life to complete me
    I made a conscious decision a while back to stop dating. Women have never been happier :). Seriously though. I have never been happier
  4. I always try to see the good with the bad. The bright side in the shadows.
    Some may think that's weak but I think it shows strength there is good and bad in everything, it's all in how you interpret what you see. I choose to focus on the good