1. Held my snuggly girl in the car for several hours to avoid ER germs while my husband got checked out
  2. Lugged snuggly girl, her car seat, and her diaper bag into the hospital when husband was admitted
    Ignored vomiting lady in ER; schlepped to wrong elevator; wandered around to find right elevator
  3. Took baby home and tried to rest while she hung out with her grandad
    Listened to her cry for a while; told myself this was good practice for both of us for next week at daycare; went downstairs to comfort her after 10 minutes of crying
  4. Took a 2 hour nap!
  5. Traded baby duty with my MIL. Started hospital duty with my husband
    Felt guilty about relaxing in the hospital recliner while away from my baby; told myself it was good practice for both of us
  6. Felt sad about how the last day of maternity leave has turned out so far...
    Told myself not to feel sad; things could be worse; grateful for help with baby and husband who is healthy enough to go home soon