I have a 9 week old. Need I say more?
  1. Woke up and fed her for a few minutes at midnight.
    She fell back asleep way too quickly for this to be a good thing.
  2. Pumped while half asleep
  3. Tiptoed back to bed
  4. Woke up and gave her part of a bottle at 1am
    Long night commencing now.
  5. Put her down again at 2am
    She woke up immediately and my husband took her for some rocking/bouncing/whatever we can think of to help her sleep
  6. Woke up and gave her part of a bottle at 3am
  7. Continued doing this every hour. With pumping thrown in a couple of times.
  8. One-handed: made coffee and drank it; inhaled a doughnut
    Instead of foregoing caffeine and having oatmeal for breakfast as I had planned
  9. Googled gripe water and debated putting her in the car to go get it or waiting for my husband to pick it up on his way home
    So far, waiting...
  10. Worried constantly about whether or not she might have reflux, just gas, or something else
    While trying to stay zen enough so that she doesn't sense my worry or frustration or extreme desire for her to sleep...I am never zen enough