1. Not jumping to action sooner when a woman was slapped by a man in a crowded market in tel aviv and left alone to cry with her excited dog in tow. It's not your country or your language is not an excuse.
  2. Not talking to that girl who was impossibly beautiful 3 people ahead of me on the check in line to tell her not to worry, she could have my seat.
  3. The time I yelled at my sister in traffic driving to New York City. Sorry sis, love you, will never make you cry again.
  4. That time four days ago when I was a diva on my birthday and one of my closest pals - rightfully so - felt so disrespected that he didn't make it to legoland.
  5. That night in Milan. Fuck. It could have been perfect.
  6. SL and the Ace 5 years ago in NYC. Lesson learned. But cannot forget.
  7. Not being at Facebook's headquarters the night Newsfeed was launched.
  8. The time I cheated. Thank god she did not forgive me. A freshman in high school taught me a life lesson four months before college that I never forgot.
  9. That time I got frustrated that it took my dad so long to get from the car to the house because he was slower than he used to be. Sorry pops.