Being a gay in 2015 is easy, you either go out and drink or sit at home and say your not that type of gay on Facebook. That's it! THAT IS IT! This list is for both types, so read it and roll your dumb gay eyes!
  1. Todrick Hall
    We get it you know how to edit a video and do makeup. If I see one more spin off of a famous movie I'm going to throw up. *Coming this Christmas. Todrick Hall Presents: "How the Grinch stole my Weave" I'm about 95% sure he's working on that as we speak!
  2. The red ring Ass pics. . .
    Don't get me wrong I like a good ass pic, but the thing that I hate that I don't understand is if you are going to send me a picture of your ass don't send me one with a clear red ring from the damn TOILET SEAT that you just sat on(for God knows how long). I can't be the only one that notices this. I know you shit! Don't remind me of it!
  3. Don't call yourself a 10
    It's not "being confident in yourself" it's you promoting your Instagram. 10s don't even count.
  4. Mr. Gay (insert State) of the USofA
    Why do we even have these competition in the first place and whose going to them? Because from the pictures I've seen it's nobody. If you want to represent your state as a gay man go to your local mall and fill out application at the Great American Cookie Company. It's Patriotic&Gay!
  5. Gofundme
    GoShootYourself. If you have a Gofundme for something that isn't for medical bills you are a fucking asshole. I'm not giving you money to go tour the country cause you were given a bedazzled sash by some drag queens. Get a job or find a older man to fund it like the rest of us.
  6. List
    I don't care about your list.