This list is short but sweet
  1. Green Bay, WI
    Small industrial town in Northeast Wisconsin. When you think of a stereotypical person from Wisconsin it is likely that you have thought of a person from Green Bay. Packers, duh
  2. Milwaukee, WI
    Largest city in Wisconsin. Spent 1 exceedingly unsuccessful year of undergrad at UW-Milwaukee. 3 exceedingly successful years of Law School at Marquette. As of today, July 10, 2015, Milwaukee is 2 murders away from surpassing last years total. :-(
  3. Marburg, Deutschland
    Studied abroad here, it counts
  4. Alghero, Italy
    Island of Sardinia, it's cool, I know
  5. Turin, Italy
    1 year of teaching English in the picturesque city of Turin in northern Italy. Best year of my life.