1. 1st Period
    Hey, I know you're just sending a quick message, but it's really important you give this assignment your full attention.
  2. 2nd period
    I'm going to have to ask you to please put away your phone.
  3. 3rd period
    Please put your phone away.
  4. 4th period
    Put away your phone.
  5. 5th period
    Put the phone away or I'm confiscating it.
  6. 6th period (Lunch)
    (Teacher spends entire time on his phone)
  7. 7th Period
    If I so much as see a phone I'm taking it, and a parent is going to have to come collect it.
  8. 8th Period
    (Let them play on their phones; it's going to replace me in 20 years.)