So..... not sure how to properly introduce a list nor do I even have an idea of subject matter haha.
  1. Good sweats
    Comfortable clothing is a must!
  2. Something hilarious, but smartly written
    Makes you think just a little so you don't feel so guilty.
  3. Primo snacks
    Helps if you know how to kill it in the kitchen
  4. Company
    Makes it that much better
  5. Mediocre social network activity
    It's good to be right in the middle! If you're hotline is always blinging it sucks; if you forgot you had a phone because it hasn't made not one sound in 6 hours, it sucks.
  6. Plans to do at least 1 thing (outside of the house)
    This one is important! I get out at least once. On a good lazy Sunday, I'll hit the streets late (6-8pm) to do some shooting(photo).