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  1. Barns
  2. Raindrops
  3. Sunsets
...from a bizarre mind.
  1. That waking state of mind realizing that you don't have to go anywhere or do anything...a blissful place to be.
  2. Listening as the winds blow outside and in through your open windows...early signs of autumn.
  3. Smiling as you open your eyes because you are truly grateful for another day.
3 more...
  1. True friends.
  2. This...seriously happened.
  3. Blissful utter exhaustion with a huge helping of gratitude topped with blessings beyond measure.
  1. Black Raspberry Chocolate Chunk
  2. Sleeping in past 5:30 am...
  3. Sleeping in past 8:00 am...
  4. Little boys playing baseball ❤️⚾️❤️
  1. Reconnecting with family over a meal, lasting 3 hours but seeming only like 5 minutes.
  2. Realizing how I connected to perfect strangers about a year ago, and can't seem to go without speaking to daily now.
  3. Really loving a young man with autism. ❤️
  1. Thankful for modern day medicine that makes living with chronic asthma a bit more manageable.
  2. Friends who will tell you that you have food in your teeth or something on your face.
  3. The warm sunshine on my skin after a month of mostly clouds and rain.
  1. Cool breeze blowing in my hair.
  2. Sunshine kisses.
  3. Cute boys playing baseball.
  1. Quiet mornings.
  2. Waking without an alarm.
  3. Hot water and long showers
  1. Waking refreshed after a turbulent week.
  2. Ethan snuggles on the sofa as he recovers from a huge seizure.
  3. Listening to the rhythm of the falling rain. 🎶
  1. Colleagues who listen and try not to solve it or put a bandaid on things.
  2. A free meal because I'm an educator.
  3. Sunshine through the rain.