These words sound or feel similar enough that I file them in the same drawer of my brain. It's really anyone's guess which one I pull out when the time comes.
  1. Verboten & Verbatim
  2. Quarantine & Circumcise
  3. Chris & Ryan
    These might as well be the same name.
  4. Guatemala & Guacamole
    As a child, much like I thought virgins came from Virginia I thought guac came from Guat.
  5. Nauseous & Nauseated & Noxious
    I adore the nuances of the English language. But am ready to accept that these should just be the same word.
  6. Placenta & Polenta
    You're putting what on my spinach scramble?
  7. Indigenous & Aboriginal
    There is maybe war paint involved for both depending on where you are.