1. Zach
    Zach was the cutest boy in my second grade class, was exceptionally well behaved, and had green eyes and lots of freckles. I admired him from afar and thought he was just like Harry Potter.
  2. Brandon
    He was well spoken and liberal, which was enough for me to obsess over from senior prom until high school graduation.
  3. Greig
    I liked Greig from 4th - 6th grade. I spent most of those two years making fun of him but secretly fawning over his boyishly good looks and wishing he would tell me the name of his dog. When I told him I was moving at the end of 6th grade, he told me his dog's name was Boboli. I would later find out that his dog's name is actually Thor.
  4. Jordan
    An incredibly formative crush, Jordan is now one of my good friends and I spent a little over a quarter of college fawning over him, on and off. I've dated a few guys since and I can with absolute certainty that I would never, ever, ever be happy with someone as positive and relentlessly peppy as Jordan.
  5. Stephen
    Stephen charmed me with his kindness and sick dance moves. We got our braces on the same day and I thought we were going to get married. I matched with his brother on Tinder, nine years later. This guy actually ended up being a really, really cool adult, and he's the only childhood crush of mine that is my Facebook friend.
  6. Tyler
    I first had a crush on Tyler and his smile when he was dating some other girl, so I did what anyone else would do: tell absolutely all our mutual friends and acquaintances that I have a huge crush on him. One year later, he had broken up with that girlfriend and kissed me on top of a supermarket lighthouse in South Carolina. Also, this dude is my boyfriend, and he is wonderful.