I decided to compile a few drinking games I've made up and some others I've heard of into this list. Some will get you to the next level of tipsy, others will get you plastered, depending on your tolerance. I would recommend you pick your poison wisely for these games (like, what are you good at tolerating a lot of?). Play responsibly!
  1. Ni**as in Paris - Ye + J
    One shot for every time he says "Paris". Recommended for that last minute kick before rolling out of the house for da club. (Spoiler alert, it only happens twice)
  2. Hey Ya! - Outkast
    Every time Andre wails "heeeeeey yaaaaaa" - and yes, for the entire length of the phrase - take a drink.
  3. Summer Nights - Grease
    Drink every time "tell me more" is said.
  4. Forever - Drizzy, Yeezy, Weezy
    Every time you hear an air horn or buzzer, drink.
  5. Roxanne - The Police
    Split group into two. One side takes a shot every time Sting wails/sings "Roxanne", the other spins in a circle. Vice versa for when the phrase "put on the red light" is sung.
  6. Shots - LMFAO
    I think you can figure this one out.