I've had at least two careers already, so who knows!?
  1. Personal Organizer
    These folks fascinate me. Getting to tell people how to clean up, clear out and get it together. Ha! Maybe I should start with my own house. I do imagine being able to devote part of my time to people who hoard and need professional support.
  2. Glass Blower
    It's always fascinated me. It must take a long time to get good at this craft/art, but the results are beautiful. I should really take a class...
  3. Personal Chef
    I was a kitchen professional and the idea of doing it for one person or say for a touring band still has appeal even though I never want to work in a restaurant again. One client. Then I think, "Hey, I'm married to someone who doesn't cook. Don't I already do this?"
  4. Writer
    This list should also say "and if talent wasn't an issue." As an avid consumer of the written word, I do want to see something between two covers. OMG, there are a million people better qualified.
  5. Wine Bar Owner
    I think I just want an excuse to drink more. And this sounds classy. I just wouldn't want to work more than a few hours a day. And be able to make a few tapas/appetizers, hang out, socialize, and have other people clean up. Wait, that leads me to...
  6. Intellectual Salon Proprietress
    Why wasn't this an option on career day? Bringing smart, funny, artistic, interesting people together to talk, debate, create, eat, drink, and be merry. Where are the Dorothy Parkers of this era? The Internet just isn't the same thing.