Probably so much more but I'll stick with these Gems for now
  1. Actions not words. Watch what people do in relation to what they say. <--This one amazes me time and time again.
  2. Tell the truth, even when it stings.
  3. Tell someone else the truth even if it stings both of you.
  4. Lie judiciously.
  5. Two ears, one mouth.
  6. Fail fast just don't fail often.
  7. Humble bragging is just plane stupid...might as well just brag.
  8. Shut up and wait. <--The number of times this has also worked is amazing.
  9. Investors don't have to invest.
  10. Don't ask for permission.
  11. Take vacations, you get old fast.
  12. Mentor when and where you can.
  13. Always tip at take-out or mom/pop establishments. They work their asses off.
  14. Assume everyone you meet has or had some type of pain in their life prior to you meeting them.
  15. Read a lot.
  16. If you're not drinking, you're leaving. - This is one of my favorites and comes from my favorite bar: McSorely's (NYC)