2 months, 2 remote volunteer destinations. I have no clue what I'm doing. Multiple drafts will be necessary.
  1. Bags
    1 large backpack, 1 day pack, 1 small cross body purse (will be packed, not carried), 3 packing cubes
  2. Shoes
    Hiking shoes, tennies, flip flops, Toms
  3. Pants
    Cargo pants, 2 pairs jeans, denim shorts, long leggings, short purple leggings, black travel capris
  4. Tops
    Volunteer shirts (provided at site, but will have to pack eventually), 2 short sleeve shirts, 2 3/4 length sleeve shirts, 1 long sleeve shirt, 1 sweater
  5. "Nice" clothes
    1 "nice" top, denim dress
  6. Outerwear
    Travel jacket, 1 pullover, puffy vest, 1 cardigan, 1 scarf/pashmina, baseball cap
  7. Sleeping
    Yoga pants, t-shirt, travel sheet, pillow case, ear plugs
  8. Underwear/swimwear
    All the practical underwear, 2 normal bras, 3 sports bras, all the socks (including hiking socks), 1 bathing suit
  9. Toiletries
    Small bottles of shampoo/shower gel/face wash/body lotion, face cream, cleansing wipes, deodorant, razor, nail travel kit, tweezers, q-tips, mini-first aid kit, toothbrush/paste/floss, sunscreen, face sunscreen, Vaseline, antibacterial, tissues, tampons, basic make-up, hair brush, hair ties, contacts and solution
  10. Medication
    Insect repellent, calamine lotion, malaria tablets, Tylenol, Airborne, small bottle of aloe
  11. Electronics
    iPhone (although many volunteers buy a local phone when they arrive as well), ear phones, charger, adapter, point-and-shoot camera
  12. Security/Admin
    Passport and ID, copies of passport and ID, monies of all sorts, vaccination certificate, printed flight itineraries, cheap wrist watch, locks, money belt
  13. Misc.
    Travel book, Spanish language book, regular book, travel journal and pens, travel towel, wash bag, travel detergent, pack of cards (has been suggested to me by many a-backpacker)