A picture/screenshot for everyday in December.

Inspired by @francium. Maybe I'll do this every month- you guys are about to get some real gems...
  1. December 1st
    Screenshot. 90% of the reason I'll rewatch the Veronica Mars movie. Guys. Logan Echols in a uniform. Drool. I keep this screenshot to periodically send to @rmwest21 when she's having a bad day.
  2. December 2nd
    Finally tried Blue Apron. Not impressed.
  3. December 3rd
    I started crocheting a tree skirt but paused for the year because it was the perfect size for building a train loop around.
  4. December 4th
    Clay practicing his model pose after church. That sweater 👌🏻
  5. December 5th
    The highlight of my Monday was watching Clay's gymnastics class while I listened to the new Gilmore Guys podcast. 👍🏻
  6. December 6th
    How to entertain a kid at the doctor's office. Snapchat filters.
  7. December 7th
    Working on a crocheted nativity. Mary is done ✔️
  8. December 8th
    Sick day at home with Clay. Desperate times.
  9. December 9th
    Mammaw started making her spicy party mix! There's a gallon bag of it with my name on it! P.S. She writes the grandkids letters EVERY week. She's the best.
  10. December 10th
    Climbing his favorite tree after his gymnastics Christmas show.
  11. December 11th
    The day my Christmas sweater dreams came true then were pooped on by my Michael's being sold out. 😭
  12. December 12th
    The pure fact that three of us made it through this without me pulling my hair out is a miracle.
  13. December 13th
    For a better explanation, see my list Things I learned today. Also, from @rmwest21: "If that screenshot of burrito Wikipedia isn't worth listing idk what is."
  14. December 14th
    Celebrating Mike's 30th... Clay was SO proud because he picked all the presents out himself: a hoodie, gloves, and a car ornament. 😂 So maybe the last thing was really for himself.
  15. December 15th
    It was so hard to pick one from this day, so let's just say this is a sneak peak at my next list: The Day We Rode the Polar Express!
  16. December 16th
    New shoes. 🎉
  17. December 17th
    No, I didn't eat half of them. 🤦‍♀️ #whereistheredhairedemojialready
  18. December 18th
    Why can't I dress myself this well?!?!
  19. December 19th
    Too busy baking for a real dinner? Dinosaur chicken nuggets to the rescue!
  20. December 20th
    My child. Guys and gals. I go to drop Clay off and his teacher hands me this picture and says, "Clay begged to have his picture made with her." Umm, but that face. 😂 Dating is awkward even in preschool.
  21. December 21st
    Christmas shopping at Trader Joe's. 👍🏻👌🏻
  22. December 22nd
  23. December 23rd
    Take your kid to work day!
  24. December 24th
    Christmas Eve service at church.
  25. December 25th
    Santa came!
  26. December 26th
    @rmwest21 and I stole our Mammaw's phone and took selfies. 😂 We obviously made this the background on her phone.
  27. December 27th
    Seen in Gatlinburg, TN. Someone please interpret this for me.
  28. December 29th
    We visited the American Museum of Science and Energy which is now part of the Manhattan Project National Park. Clay got a National Park Passport book and his first stamp!
  29. December 30th
    My grandparents got six new puzzles for Christmas so I worked one with them last night. Done in three hours 👌🏻
  30. December 31st
    Taken seconds before midnight!