1. Christmas.
    I love it all! Celebrating little baby Jesus, family time, the songs, the decorations, the food!!
  2. The Olympics
    Don't even try to argue that they aren't a holiday. TEAM USA! I cry during medal ceremonies when we take gold. One year I kept a medal count on the wall in my office. I decorate at home (or just leave stuff from Memorial Day and July 4th up all summer). I even put Olympic Rings on my pregnant belly in 2012.
  3. July 4th
    Go listen to Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. I tear up every time.
  4. Labor Day!
    Mostly because we usually celebrate Clay's birthday and mine that weekend. Also, chances are good I'll have the day off from work.
  5. Thanksgiving.
    The FOOD!
  6. And the rest go here...