Podcasts I Listen To...

...in the order I listen to them weekly.
  1. Gilmore Guys
    All caught up. Soon to be Bunhead Bros.
  2. Best of Friends Podcast
    All caught up.
  3. The West Wing Weekly
    All caught up.
  4. Wingin It
    All caught up. Not as good as West Wing Weekly, but I love the show enough to listen to two podcasts about it.
  5. The Anna & Susannah Show
    Weeks behind. Still love but with the five hour episodes from the Gilmore Guys I'm a little behind.
  6. The Baby-Sitters Club Club
    Just started yesterday and on episode three. So far I like it enough that it might get moved up in the weekly schedule.
  7. My Favorite Murder
    I haven't listened to this one at all. It was a recommendation from my cousin. I'm hoping between this and The Baby-Sitters Club Club, I can fill the void the Gilmore Guys will leave.