I might miss diapers today. All of the pee stops were for Clay (age 3.5).
  1. Gas fill up (15 minutes in)
  2. Stop to pick up watch (5 minutes later)
    ...and pee. Clay left his watch at the restaurant we ate at on Saturday.
  3. Stop to pee... (1 hour later)
    ...and to dictate email about head lice outbreak. 😳
  4. Stop to do Clash of Clans attack (15 minutes later)
    I should be embarrassed. I'm not. The war was close with 5 minutes to go so I pulled off the interstate and parked at a gas station.
  5. Stop to pee (30 minutes later)
    At super sketchy gas station (or course he has to poop here...and I have to buy a water. Bathrooms are for customers only. 😩
  6. Stop to pee (1 hour later)
    Can't find a gas station so we pull into a "park and ride" lot to pee in the grass. REFUSE to let Clay have any more liquids. No, I don't care that you just ate crackers! I want to be home!
  7. HOME
    We both race inside to pee (how does he have any liquid left??????).