1. Yes because it's way more fun than running and it's actually something I enjoy
  2. Yes because less time involved in sports means more time for studying, my grades would probably be higher, better chance at getting in to Dartmouth??
  3. No because I wouldn't be as close with Sean and probably would have never met logan
  4. No because I couldn't play for the school team
  5. No because I wouldn't be able to put varsity athlete or captain on college apps
  6. No because I'd be slightly fatter than I am right now and would get much fatter much sooner after high school
  7. Yes because I wouldn't turn down so many social opportunities because I had to go on a run or rest up for a race
  8. Yes because my original reason for running was that I'm better at running but I'm not even fast enough to do anything significant with it, so I may as well have stayed with what I enjoyed
  9. Running sucks
  10. I still miss soccer
  11. Soccer girls> any other girls, especially xc girls