Most are of my children so the "some reason" is probably biological but hey
  1. Down Dog
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    I used to take my daughter to baby yoga classes. She still throws down a mean Down Dog.
  2. Punked
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    Two years ago, we took a girls' trip to Nashville. Everyone made it as planned except for me and Jenn. Our flight was canceled, so we passed the time by faking our kidnapping. Thought it was pretty obvious we were joking until cops and husbands were called. People are still mad but also, secretly glad it happened.
  3. Santa's best day ever
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    Husband on Santa's lap. What more could you want!
  4. Retreat
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    I stare at it when I'm up at night with the little one.
  5. Aunties
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    Baby Colin's "Aunties." Happy to have looked happy pregnant, and happy to no longer be pregnant. Lucky to have friends like these.
  6. Calm before the storm
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    She liked little brother better when he was a pillow.
  7. Debut
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    Welcome, little one.
  8. Pinterest win
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    Made these with my own two hands.
  9. Cocoon
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    He looks cozy. I look proud.