Guilty pleasures aren't really guilty. We just tell ourselves that to make ourselves feel better about the stuff we like.
  1. "Fever" by Kylie Minogue
    An absolutely classic piece of dance-pop.
  2. The Brendan Fraser version of "Bedazzled"
    You know how when certain movies come on TV you stop everything to watch them? This is one of them. Worth it for the Drug Dealer scene.
  3. Love Actually
    If this movie doesn't move you, you have no soul.
  4. Forged in Fire
    A completely preposterous reality show on The History Channel about competitive historical weapons making. And it's completely addictive.
  5. SweeTarts
    I don't often eat candy, but when I do ...
  6. Lawn Mower Beer
    Because when it's hot, you don't want some complex microbrew. You want something compulsively drinkable. Narragansett beer is one of the exemplars of the species.