In no order and going back as far as I can remember (last 2-3 months)
  1. "Spotlight"
    Well done movie about power of investigative journalism/standing up against an issue that has been swept under the rug for decades (more like forever)
  2. "Brooklyn"
    Got free passes to pre-screening. Definitely very rosy but liked the reinforcement of the idea that there is no predestined path of life/you can want multiple things at the same time
  3. "Dheepan"
    Cannes winner that I saw at French film fest. INCREDIBLE story of Tamil refugees in Paris banlieue- compelling and critical take on the refugee experience, psychological damage of war, geographic inequality
  4. "Two Days, One Night"
    About connection, capitalism, and sacrifice
  5. "99 Homes"
    Depressing movie about housing evictions and being trapped in poverty/justification of doing bad deeds
  6. "Whiplash"
    Loved it- about letting a passion consume you and attempting to use abuse to unleash genius
  7. "Festen"
    Daaaaark play by New Century Theater Company based on Danish film. SO GOOD- family secrets and the effect of traumatic childhood events
  8. "Hamlet"
    Went to a weird live stream of the play being performed in London with Benedict Cumberbatch. Lasted FOUR HOURS