1. Drunk
    Standard drunk. Not embarrassing, but slightly judged by society.
  2. Drrrrunk
    This is when Drunk turns to messy fun.
  3. Turnt
    Origin: Rap Culture
  4. Sloshed
    Like slipping everywhere and wet with alcoholic juice all over them.
  5. Lit
    Kind of scary. Someone who is Lit is a bomb ready to go off and is behaving somewhat dangerously.
  6. Slizzard
    Coined several years ago, "sippin sizzurp, I'm slizzard" - slizzard is a term best used for drunk friends named Elizabeth.
  7. Faded
    Combo with weedz
  8. Inoxicated
    This is when a cop is angry at you and being technical. They really just want to call you Shitfaced. See Shitfaced below.
  9. Shitfaced
    Face looks squirmed up into a weird, hanging type of look; like shit. Eyes red. Eyes looking in different directions.
  10. Bent
    Hard to walk straight. Slightly crooked posture, slumped shoulders.
  11. Bombed
    See ya later!
  12. Black Out
    On cruise control. Not recording memories. Typically scaring people or falling.
  13. Hammered
    Roided up and raging hard. Hammered people are having fun and are positive drunks, scoring makeouts easily.
  14. Sloppy
    Sweaty, messy, not being enjoyed by others. People have to take care of the ones who get sloppy.
  15. Loose
    Saying whatever comes to mind; being comfortable in ones body.
  16. Loaded
    Reared up and ready to go. Aggressively drunk. Can lead to hulk-like measures. Beware of Loaded.
  17. Wasted
    Inability to speak human words.
  18. Donkey Faced on Balloons
    Norwegian friend told me this one while in Australia. He made this "donkey face" rather frequently.