1. 28: 1 month Mediterranean Destination Yacht Party
    My close friends will fly, take submarine, teleport, ride horse, or take a bus from across the world (I has international frendz) to Cyprus in the Mediterranean sea where we'll begin our journey, stopping at each country surrounding the sea, randomly picking up new party adventurers. This is a lavish experience, celebrating life, love, and bringing together impactful, world changing individuals. It's an ode; a thank you; our eternal memoir of youth and drive; celebrating the voyage of life.
  2. 29: Helicopters and Lobsters
    I will be piloting the helicopter. Live lobsters in large cage. I hover over party, and drop said cage releasing the lobsters. Party attendees must run in fear or grab the lobsters and smash or boil them. After consuming lobster rolls from Chef Srimble, we'll take the copter' around for a few laps.