Descending in the timeline of life.
  1. I was an infant; throwing up was everyday, but normal
  2. Choking on Cheerios
  3. Too much grilled cheese
  4. Learning to swim
  5. Elder brother forcing 8 year old Joe to drink Budweiser
  6. Learning that cream cheese is made up of living bacteria
  7. 30 chicken nuggets at McDonalds
  8. Milk chugging contest
  9. Angry at a friend, threw up on his car
  10. To impress/unimpress friends that I could throw up on command
  11. College
  12. Rugby hazing
  13. Swigging Fireball each time Pitbull says Fireball in the song Fireball
  14. Ordering crickets on top of my guac at Dos Caminos in mid-town (don't go there)