The most likely professions for a rom-com leading lady
  1. Baker
    100 pounds soaking wet despite being surrounded by croissants and chocolate fudge. Gets in the occasional "flour fight" with a co-worker or first date.
  2. Flower shop owner
    Enjoys bringing beauty into others' lives but tragically unlucky with love in her own. Has a platonic relationship with the gardener from the shop across the way.
  3. Wedding and/or event planner
    Like the flower shop owner, she too is unlucky in love, but throws herself into the planning and preparation of another woman's "big day" with gusto.
  4. Magazine editor
    Writes "how to" articles but wants to really "make a difference" in society. Dates bankers but, while writing a profile, meets a "Doctor Without Borders" who captures her imagination - and her heart.
  5. Morning TV show producer
    Often harried and in a style-less button down blouse and glasses. "Loosens up" over drinks at a dive bar with her colleague / the show's host - who sees through her tough exterior.
  6. Teacher
    Her "meet cute" with a hot widowed Dad is facilitated by his son, "Tommy," the adorable kindergartener in her class who is missing his two front teeth.
  7. Interior decorator
    Hired mostly by recent divorces to make their bachelor pads more "homey"
  8. Lawyer
    Of the high powered, stiletto wearing variety - not the pro bono Aerosoles variety
  9. Dog walker
    And wearer of quirky berets. Despite living well below the poverty line, she occupies a beautiful one-bedroom apartment in the west village.
  10. PR Executive
    Party girl who has a date with a different shallow bro each night, but ultimately falls for the working class guy who helps change her tire on the LIE.