As seen at the Three County State Fair this weekend in Northampton, Massachusetts
  1. A "baby" pig named Huey who weighs 300 pounds
  2. Fried Snickers. Fried Oreos. Fried bananas (for the health conscious)
  3. Moose and the High Tops, the Pioneer Valley's best party band. Moose takes lots of breaks to drink Bud Heavy w/ friends. The High Tops have yet to unionize - no breaks for them.
  4. A "cool carnie" who mans the balloon pop station and who makes $45 worth of darts for a stuffed Jamaican banana-man seem TOTALLY worth it
  5. Axe Women of Maine, throwing axes at inanimate objects, nearby adulterers, and less cool carnies
  6. A pile of pink hued throw-up in front of the tilt-a-whirl
  7. Prize-winning heads of cauliflower, squash, and garlic (?)
  8. Cops dressed as clowns. Undercover?
  9. 3,000 fair goers
  10. 17 college degrees