I'm in fact not super up on what's out there but these are some I like a lot
  1. Invasion Barbare
    Parfums MDCI. Initially very classic almost unremarkable men's fragrance. Gets the most compliments ever known.
  2. Pour un homme
    Caron. Lavender and vanilla. Sounds weird but is light, not at all cloying and a great daytime scent.
  3. Bel Ami
    Hermes. I used to wear this all the time. Strong and amazing. Also gets a lot of compliments and seems to make people fancy you.
  4. Yatagan
    Caron. Violent almost traumatic wormwood citrus and patchouli. Gets no compliments but it's stunning.
  5. Good classic eau de cologne
    Like roger et gallet extra vieille. Some people find this to be granddadesque but I love it. Only lasts about 25 mins so is more for the wearer.
  6. Good Oudh oil
    Get it in Dubai. I got a brilliant one from Al Haramain. Get the most expensive you can buy. It's freaky tho. Dungy and extreme. You need to feel confident to wear this.
  7. Borneo 1834
    Super elegant patchouli and bone dry chocolate
  8. Portrait of a lady
    Malle. Probably officially women's but this is a really sexy husky dark rose.
  9. Avignon
    In the Comme des garçons incense line. Reeks like a church full of incense. Kind of fizzy and gratifying too.
  10. S.ex
    By S perfumes. A wonderful streamlined modern leather.
  11. Hove vetiver
    From New Orleans. Wonderful basementy vetiver. Great on a hot day. Also seems to turn people on.