Games that I feel I enjoyed enough to alter my life in some shape or form.
  1. Honorable mentions
    GTA V, Far Cry 4, Tomb Raider (2013), Borderlands 2, Fallout 4, Undertale, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection were all games I massively enjoyed but not quite enough to consider "life-changing."
  2. 5. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
    This game honestly just took my breath away. Everything about it, from the fast-paced bullet hell gameplay, to the intriguing and dark storyline, to the amazing 80s electro soundtrack made me love this game. I literally made friendships by discussing how awesome this game was with other people.
  3. 4. Minecraft
    I honestly just love this game for the sheer amount of creativity it allowed and the ways you could play it. Minecraft allows you to play minigames on a public server, or just mess around in personal world alone or with friends. I spent hundreds of hours building, breaking, playing, modding, inventing, and creating, all inside of this game.
  4. 3. Ace Attorney Dual Destinies
    I've played every game in the ace attorney series, and have loved every hour of these games. The plot of this game is that you are an attorney trying to solve cases by finding evidence, investigating crime scenes, and going to court and defending the innocent. Dual Destinies is the most refined game in the series, with the most exciting cases and best animated cutscenes.
  5. 2. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
    This is easily the game I have sunk the most money and time into. Hearthstone is one of those "easy to learn, hard to master," card games. Each deck contains 30 cards, and you can only have up to 2 of each card. This may seem like a very simple concept, but I have spent hours watching YouTube videos, twitch streams, and reading meta articles to get better at this game. Sometimes I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of what it takes to be a pro at this game.
  6. 1. Pokemon LeafGreen.
    This game has a very special place in my heart. It's the first Pokemon game I ever played, probably even the first video game I played. The format of going around and catching Pokemon is so simple and repetitive, yet so pleasing. Every game improves the format and adds more Pokemon and unique features. My brother and I have played every Pokemon game released since this game. Now my younger cousins are Pokemon fanatics and love to play the games.