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"The reason you can proclaim the word is because you have it stored up within you. It is the background noise of your life. When trials come you can just turn up the volume." - Crawford Loritts
  1. Lack of Joy in life
    Psalm 16. (Idolatry is misery (v. 4), laziness is a killer (v. 7), gratitude a measurement (v. 5-6), & presence is present (v. 11 ). He who knows the joy of life with God, dwells with great security (v. 1). Joshua 24:14-15 (I am a slave/serve someone or something at all times. If I don't choose to serve God, I have chosen to serve other gods. If I don't pick God, my heart will pick one for me. Do not be fooled to think you must choose an idol, they are naturally there and must be put away v 23).
  2. "Secret" sins (self-centered, idolatry, lust, envy, etc) & poor stewardship of time, money, etc.
    Psalm 139:1-7 (understand the ever-present and knowledgeable nature of God)
  3. When I want control
    Psalm 139:16 (who am I to say what my life should look like? My days are not just numbered (James 4:13-14), they are written too.)
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  1. Sing
  2. Not lose stuff
  3. Write coding
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  1. Father Hunger - Douglas Wilson
  2. Systematic Theology - Grudem
  3. Acts
  4. Splendid Savage - Steve Kemper
10 places I would be ok spontaneously teleporting to at any moment in any situation.
  1. 1.
    The "Hotline Bling" Box
  2. 2.
    La Tomatina
  3. 3.
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  1. A cave
  2. Texas A&M MSC
  3. Heidelberg Castle lawn
  4. Beach on Aegina Island
  1. 1.
    Till We Have Faces
  2. 2.
    Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  3. 3.
    Les Miserables
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Qualifiers: 1) Must be during summer camp 2) Ranked according to most loved/hated by campers 3) Move up rank as they withstand test of time (loved years after being gone)
  1. Polly Poprocks - John Rodgers
  2. Monkey Boy - Jon Quick
  3. Leroy Ponchetrain - Trac Cook
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  1. Fractured L3 and L4 vertebrae
  2. 2 fractured ribs
  3. 6 stitches on knee from bike accident
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Seeing that I don't watch tv, nor usually watch a movie more than once.
  1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. A River Runs Through It
  3. A Beautiful Mind
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Not exhaustive by any means - but some of my favorites over the years
  1. Canoeing the Mississippi River
  2. Hiking through Denali National
  3. Hopping Greek isles with a motorcycle
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